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Smutty Pics and Porn!

"When I look at this picture and the others I have taken since I feel sexy; I feel the beginning of liberation and revolution." (Erickson, 2007)

"People with disabilities have held little control over the way they are represented; therefore placing the power of representation in the hands of disabled people is a political act." (Erickson, 2007)

"I wouldn't be making porn right now if I weren't so pissed off. I would not be making porn if I hadn't struggled for most of my life to be recognized as a sexy and sexual being, or if the world weren't so fucked up. But making porn is one of the best things I've ever done." (Erickson, 2010)

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revealing femmegimp (photo series)
This is a photo of Loree's ankles and feet, resting against the foot rests of her wheelchair. She wears black fishnet tights, and black patent leather mary janes. A hand reaches into the frame and its pointer and index fingers reach under the strap of one of her shoes.
The Only Thing Stairs Are Good For (photo series)
This is a photo of Loree and a lover from the shoulders up. Loree's head is tossed back as she grins. There is a leather belt wrapped around the back of her neck, the ends of which are in her lovers hands whose face is down, moving towards Loree's bare chest.
confined? (photo series)
This is a photo of Loree's hand and wrist, tied securely with silken ropes to the arm and knob of her wheelchair.


This short video compels the viewer to take a closer look at wheelchairs and the people who use them ...

want (photo series and award-winning film)
In this photo, Loree and her co-star have their backs to the camera. He sits on the edge of the bed and she in her chair. She is looking out the window of their hotel room and he is looking at her. There is an obvious comfort and mutual respect.